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Artist Rubs White Ink All Over Fresh Tattoo and the Result Is Oddly Satisfying

We’re into it!

Every tattoo artist has a different set of skills and uses a different technique - which they usually don't share with the public, such as this tattoo artist who does glitter-style tattoos

Tattoo artist @melania.tatts, however, shares in her video a method of how she makes the white ink in her tattoos pop. 

It's a lot of white ink!

But as you can see in this video, there is quite a difference in the tattoo between the before and the after of the white ink saturation, and the white ink certainly pops.

But as this tattoo artist projected it, the TikTok police would say "no." Or comments such as,

"I just cut the design into the skin with a blade, and then rub the ink in after. Works much better."

Would certainly appear.

However, this method is nothing really new. I've seen quite a few artists saturate the tattoo in ink as a final step, whether the ink is black or white. Apparently, this method has a certain effect on the tattoo. 

In the reveal video, other TikTokers commented that they certainly see a difference in the tattoo and that the white ink was popping more. One TikToker wanted to see a healed version and the white highlights are still pretty noticeable. 

As one TikTok creator commented that white won't stay, other tattoo artists jumped in saying it does because the skin is broken and saturation helps the pigment to stay in better. Apparently, this is done a lot in cosmetic tattooing, according to a TikToker who commented.

Impressive. I wonder if this also works with red ink or other colors to create some sort of highlight or accent for the tattoo.