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Tattoo Gets a Glow Up With the Help of White Ink

It looks totally brand new

Over time, our bodies change as we age (RIP to our high school bodies and pre- relationship, mom, and dad bods). We lose weight, we gain weight, and unfortunately, that means the same things happen to our tattoos: they get old. 

This tattoo artist gave this woman's neck tattoo a makeover and it looks brand spanking new. 


TikToker and tattoo artist @themanyao knew what he was doing when he agreed to this challenge of refreshing this hamsa tattoo. He is known on TikTok for refreshing tattoos and giving them a radiant new look. 

We can't tell if it's the ocean blue eye or the white ink that really brings this tattoo back to life. Either way, the after looks amazing! You can see every intricate detail in the tattoo.

Many commenters loved the tattoo refresher, but noted that the woman would be back in the same position she started in because of the ink. 

"Very pretty but unfortunately all the white in that tattoo is going to fade within a year..," one commenter said. Another one agreed and said, "This gonna look the same as the before in 2 years."

Even if the white fades, do you think that it's worth it for the time being? The before went from dull and dark to the detailed and vibrant after. 

Apparently adding the color white made all the difference. Do you have a tattoo that can do for some refreshing and would white do the trick? Let us know!