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Artist Concocts the Perfect Matching Tattoos for Weirdo Couples

Some of these are just too cute.

You might already have matching tattoos with your besties or ex-lovers, such as their name or their portrait tattooed on you. But there are so many other cool designs to choose from that would fit your personality like a glove. Such as being a weirdo, just like me!

Tattoo artist @kimberlytattoo designs the cutest tattoos for couples that are just weird. Let's check it out!

Aren't these cute and like super unique?

I personally love the ghosts the most, but could also go for the headstones. I would just get the designs simplified, like a bold outline and some shading - that's it. 

Her other designs are cute as well. She has something for everyone and every situation. From the mentally ill best friends to the '90s kids among us.

I certainly found some inspiration for the next tattoo I'll get with my bestie, who's also a weirdo. And it seems like TikTok wants to jump on that bandwagon as well. 

@littleseatsecrets wrote,

"My husband and I have seahorses because they mate for life and they wrap their tails together so the ocean doesn't pull them apart. He's a navy veteran."

Aw, that is lovely!

TikToker @ciriusly518 also commented,

"I got a raccoon and my wife got a trashcan :)."

That's so me!

Many other TikTokers immediately tagged their bestie or significant other and mentioned which design to get tattooed. 

I have a feeling that Kimberly will be especially busy - doing couples' or soulmates' tattoos - around Valentine's day, as this would be the perfect day for it.

What would you get tattooed?