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Artist Shares Tattoo Designs for Siblings with Weird Relationships

Think Bart and Lisa

You've heard the saying, "you can't live with them, and you can't live without them." That saying holds true for those siblings who can't stand each other, but also have the funniest inside jokes and love for each other. 

Check out this artist's tattoo designs for the siblings with weird relationships. 

If you have a sibling or multiple, then you know how hard it can be to get along and play nice with them. @Kimberleytattoo accurately showed how sibling relationships can be with these wrist designs. 

In her first design, she showed two angels with wings, or cherubim. One of the angels shot an arrow at the other. The angel that was was shot had the words, "that's not very nice" under it, while the one with the arrow had the words, "I'm not nice" under it. 

In another one of her tattoo designs, Kimberley used siblings from the show, "The Simpsons." Lisa Simpson sat at the bar with alcohol nearby and her hands on her head. Brother Bart Simpson was on the other wrist smoking a cigarette and with what appeared to be a beer bottle next to him.

Many people enjoyed these sibling tattoo designs so much that within the comments they had special requests for their sibling dynamic.

"Can you try one for three siblings. Bc I’m 4 years older than my twin brother 😂. That’s weird enough," one person said. Another person said, "I'm the oldest of 6; 5 girls and 1 boy😁 that's a lot of designs.....any ideas? (boy is 2nd youngest)."

Others who didn't have siblings or aren't in contact with their siblings still wanted to enjoy these designs for themselves. 

"Omg. Who wants to be a sibling and get one done with me," someone asked. Another person said, "I wish my family still talked to me so I could get matching tattoos with my brothers."

Aww, that's so sad! We hope these tattoo designs bring a sense of closeness to those who are up for getting one with their sibling(s).