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Tiny Tattoo Ideas for Those Obsessed with Netflix's Show Wednesday

We love the pigtail one.

If you're not watching Netflix's Wednesday then what are you doing? 

Some of you may have been obsessed with this crazy family since childhood, so here are some tattoo ideas that will satisfy your obsession with the Addams Family.

Artist @juliaroblin created these tattoo ideas just in time for everyone who is watching "Wednesday" on Netflix to enjoy and consider them for their next tattoo.

Her tattoo ideas are super cute and small and include the iconic pigtails of Wednesday, a straw and bottle of poison, among other things from the show.

Julia's "Thing" tattoo design appeared to be a crowd favorite within the comments, as several people said they wanted or planned to get it tattooed.

We're getting every bit of nostalgia plus new adventures with the show, which is an even better reason to use these new tattoo ideas.

Several commenters had a lot to say about Wednesday and how "The Addams Family" movies has been one of their favorite films since forever.

"I feel like Wednesday is gonna become the new stranger things," one person said. Another person said, "I'm definitely getting something addams tattooed on me since i've loved them ever since i was like 3 💪💪."

Although a lot of people are enjoying the new show, some people are still die hard fans of the original.

"It makes me giggled because I bet the new Wednesday fans have never even watched the og films [laugh]," one person said.

Regardless of which show is your favorite, you can't deny that these "Wednesday" tattoo ideas deserve some finger snaps.