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Woman Jokes About the Three Types of People with Tongue Piercings

You're a biter, aren't you?

As your piercing heals and you become used to it, somehow it becomes something that you play with. Whether you twist your nose rings, flip your septum, or rub your tongue against the inside of your cheeks, you can't stop doing it.

This TikToker joked and demonstrated the three looks people with tongue piercings have. 

TikToker @_heluvajae has seen it all, all the different looks people with tongue piercings have, that is. 

The first look she called the slider. This person is the type to slide their tongue piercing back and forth across their lips. 

The stuck on lips look was next, which involves a person who sticks their tongue out, making their piercing just kind of appear to be stuck on the lip. 

Lastly, she demonstrated the bite look, where the person actually clamps down on the piercing jewelry.

We're not upset to have @heluvajae call so many people out on their tongue piercing habits, because truthfully she's not wrong.

There are probably more she could even add to the list and commenters pitched in to acknowledge the other looks and share which that they do.

"The rattle scrapping your teeth with it so you get that noise 😂😂😂," one person said. Another person said, "I do all three but I mostly do the slider😭."

One person even mentioned a major annoying thing that happens with tongue piercings. "It's the accidentally biting it while eating food for me. The most painful.," they said. 

Let us know if you personally feel victimized by Regina George—we mean @heluvajae with these looks.