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Watch as This Artist Turns a Cute Design Into a Trippy Tattoo

Counting the eyes...

When it comes to tattooing, not every design that looks good on paper will be transferable to the skin, and therefore will also look great on the skin. Certain designs are better left on paper, as drawing and tattooing are quite different.

However, by certain designs, you just know they would make a dope tattoo. Tattoo artist @wicked_mars knows what that looks like, as she shares in her video. Let's take a look! 

So mesmerizing, and certainly trippy!

How many eyes do you see? I lost count.

As you can see, the design is intricate and subtle at the same time. It is also quite detailed, and the linework is super crisp.

Although fine-line tattoos have a bad rep, I could see this one lasting for a while, as it isn't too small and packed with detail. 

I love that this is an original piece she drew. I'm not sure if this design was customized for the client or if this client saw it in her portfolio and decided to get it tattooed. However, pieces like this are so personal and mean a lot to the client, as well as the artist. 

It's like selling a piece of art - such as a painting - to a client. Many artists would agree that it feels good but also hurts a little. It might be different with tattooing, but it still hurts - at least for the client. 

TikTok thought so too, that the design looks great as a tattoo.

As TikToker @theblackwillowtree posted,

"Absolutely stunning."

Yes, I agree. It turned out great.

And TikToker @smlltttygothgirlxxx commented,

"Love how you use your highlights!"

Yes, she definitely knows her craft.