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Woman Has the Sweetest and Simplest Tribute Tattoo to Late Grandfather

What a beautiful idea!

Sometimes we get tattooed to remember a loved one, such as getting a funny quote. And at other times, we get tattooed to help with the grieving process after losing someone close, such as a parent or grandparent.

The owner of the TikTok account @sisters_keep_drawinggg who creates stickers, prints, and temporary tattoos, shares a very special tattoo design with everyone who lost a grandparent.

This is just lovely. Although this tattoo is only temporary, it sure is an inspiration to get a real one as a tribute to anyone who wore glasses and is no longer with us.

TikTok also felt it and got emotional. Looking at the comments section.

As TikToker @icedcoffeeandsunflowers posted,

"I love this idea! I lost my uncle who was like a brother and I already have his handwriting. I think the glasses will be a great addition to the tattoo."

I also think it's a great idea, as many people can relate to this.

TikToker @sunshinegrace76 wrote,

"I tragically lost my sister. I have her glasses. This has me sobbing,  now I need this on my wrist."

This also makes me want to get my dad's glasses tattooed. 

And TikToker @karissatok posted,

"This is so special."

Indeed it is.

Temporary tattoos not only work as inspiration but can also be used as a placeholder, to see if the placement works before you decide to get a design inked permanently. You can find them for affordable prices on Etsy or Amazon and they come in a variety of different designs and sizes.