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Influencer Gives “Tiny Tattoo Tour” and Now We Want to Cover Ourselves In Tiny Tattoos

It’s like having a living ISpy game on your body.

Some people like to go with just one tattoo style - such as Japanese or American traditional - and also like to cover large areas of their body, while others enjoy collecting many small fine-line tattoos that look like stickers, known as patchwork.

And then there are tattoos, that are tiny and are basically just line work. Such as TikTok influencer Giorgina Juanita (@gjuanita) collects. In her video, she gives the TikTok community a quick tour of her four tiny tattoos, which you probably wouldn't have noticed right away. 

The first tattoo that she shows us, is the number 7 behind her ear. Then the word "bee" on her forearm, a key with "555" inside on her ankle, and on the backside of her neck, she has a 1/2 crescent moon tattoo which she got with her bestie, who has the other half.

Some people might think that small tattoos are pointless but according to the 95.4K likes her video received, TikTok agrees and thinks it's cute.

Honestly to each their own. That's why there are so many different tattoo styles out there, so people can choose what fits them and their lifestyles best. And these work great if she has an office job with stricter rules regarding self-expression and dress code, as these still exist.

However, the most common question about her tattoos was the meanings behind them, which she confirmed they all had. But whether or not she talks about them, they are personal. Another question that appeared a few times was about the number 7 and if she was in the army. 


I think the meaning of numbers is always interesting, as numbers are quite magical. Whatever they mean, if she shares them - we'll find out soon enough, and if not - her tattoos will stay a mystery forever.