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This Tattoo Artist Tattooed His Own Thumbnail and It Looks Crazy

Better than a manicure!

Believe it or not - but you can technically tattoo any part of the body, even inside your mouth, such as your gums, roof of the mouth, or tongue. Not to mention eyeballs - yes! Extreme body modification fans go hardcore when it comes to getting tattooed in the weirdest places a body has to offer. 

But did you know you can also tattoo your finger- or toenails? That's right. Tattoo artist Cris Gherman (@crisgherman) shows in his video, how he tattooed his own thumbnail. 


It looks crazy cool and painful at the same time!

I am not sure if it will stay or grow out, as the nail grows but for the time being, it certainly looks stunning. Who needs a manicure when you can just get your nail beds tattooed? In another video, you can see that he also tattooed the rest of his fingernails with some pretty cool designs; a rose, eyes, and an old clock.

As you've probably noticed, Cris is an expert in micro realism, and tiny black and grey portraits are his specialty. Therefore, tattooing tiny designs on his own fingernails is not really that much of a challenge, as he clearly is a pro. 

Honestly, I haven't seen many people getting their nail beds tattooed, maybe because it hurts a lot more - which I could only imagine - or because it doesn't last forever since nails do grow. 

I guess I would have to find out for myself now and get my fingernails tattooed.