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Olympic Husband Bets Wife If He Makes It Into Top Three He Has to Get Her Choice of a Tattoo and She Did Him Dirty

It’s funny, but mean AF.

No one likes to be a loser, and in some situations not being in first place may feel like losing. This snowboarding husband made a bet with is wife that if he makes it in the top three, she gets to choose his tattoo. 

This wife did her husband so wrong for coming in third place.

Swiss snowboarder Jan Scherrer's wife has a very funny sense of humor, which was evident in the tattoo she chose for him for getting third place. 

On the Olympic's TikTok page, they shared their bet and revealed Jan's tattoo, which was a stick figure of himself. She even drew it up herself.

You can tell that it's him because the character had a hat with "#3" on it and had the Olympics logo on it's sweater. The tattoo design also had a banner above it that says, "good but not the best."

Ouch! This tattoo appeared to have been tattooed on Jan's thigh and is quite hilarious because he still is an Olympic medal winner, but to his wife his best was not good enough.

Commenters had a lot to say about Jan's wife tattoo and many commented how they would have responded. 

"I've always believed that the 3rd place is the happiest place cause you make it there 🤔," one person said. Another person said, "Divorce."

Others appreciated the wife's humor. "Your wife is elite!" one person said and another said, "your wife is my kind of person 😂."

We can't believe that he got her amateur drawing tattooed, but we commend Jan for following through with his end of the bet.