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Woman Visits Thailand and Gets a Sacred “Sak Yant” Tattoo

They bless the tattoo for you

The saying goes, "when in Rome, do as the Romans do," and this woman did just that, but in Thailand. 

While there, she decided to get a Sak Yant tattoo and shared the experience.

Tiktoker @nininoel said that her crazy side told her to get a Sak Yant tattoo. 

This tattoo is a form of tattooing that uses Indian Yantra designs made up of sacred geometrical animal and deity designs and are said to offer luck and protection.

They are often paired with text that is either mantras or prayers that come from the Pali language.  Sak Yant tattoos are also said to deliver powers to the person who receives one.

These tattoos are also a type of hand poke tattoos. Nini said that getting hers hurt really bad.

"Once they finish, they bless it for you," she said. "I ended up loving it." She got her tattoo done on her back. 

Once the tattoo and blessing has been done, there are rules that a person who received a Sak Yant tattoo must follow. 

The rules include: to not kill, to not steal, to not be unfaithful, to not lie, to not become intoxicated, and to not speak bad about your family. One commenter said that she wanted one, but the rules are a big commitment.

"I wanted one but there’s a lot of rules to live by with Sak Yant tattoos, it’s beautiful but I wouldn’t get one unless you could commit to it all," they said.

Many people were appreciative of Nini for sharing her tattoo experience in Thailand. "This is so beautiful the way tattoos range in culture is amazing," one person said.

Someone wanted to know how much this tattoo had cost Nini, but another commenter who received one answered. "Mine, which I got at the actual temple, cost me an offering of a pack of menthols, some orchids and maybe $10," they said.

Sacred tattoos have deeper meaning than just their designs. Make sure you do your research when getting one.