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Tattoo Artist Shares Terrifying Story about Her Client's Job and Odd Tattoo Requests

We all thought about preserving our tattoos after we died, right?

As a tattoo collector, have you ever thought about what might happen after you die? Not so much with your soul and if you enter heaven or hell, but more so with your tattoos? Even if you decide to get embalmed, your body - and your tattoos - will eventually decompose. But don't worry, did you know you can preserve them taxidermy style? No? Then keep on reading! 

Tattoo artist Hannah Matthews shares an eerie moment she had with her client, who's a mortician, and let's see what she said!

I get it in a way, it's morbid and macabre but it's also nothing new. Preserving tattoos has been an ongoing procedure for centuries. 

I'm certainly intrigued, but there is apparently only one company in Ohio, that offers this unusual request.

The company is called "Save My Ink Forever," and their service offers to preserve your tattoos for a hefty price tag, so your loved ones have "an everlasting memorial," as they say.


According to The New York Times, Save My Ink Forever not only preserves ink from the deceased but also from amputees, or transgender people who want to hold on to their memories. 

It seems as if this has gotten quite popular in the West, over the last 10 years. 

TikTok likes this idea as well and is ready to sign up. 

As TikToker @hanneka11 commented,

"I don’t see why this is weird. People have been doing this for centuries in Japan. I want mine saved."

I do too! However, I guess the thought that they were "skinned" seems unsettling in a way.

Another TikToker (@gloriahuf) wrote,

"That’s actually a pretty cool idea. If you and ur mate have tattoos, that means something to both of you, I could see it."

Yes, or just having your loved ones - who have passed - close to you. 

And TikToker @fruitbatballet posted,

"Heck yes - it could hang next to my animal bones, furs, and feathers."

I can already picture it!

Maybe the state you live in will offer this as an option for your driver's license. Instead of donating blood or organs, you can select "preserve my tattoos." This only seems fair, don't you think?