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Tattoo Artist Shares Story About Pregnant Woman Embarrassed by Her Tattoo and Seeking a Cover-Up

Maybe don't get your ex's name tattooed there...

For some, being pregnant comes with many cravings and requests. Some people will do them for you, while others may not.

This tattoo artist shared a story about a client who was requesting that she do a cover-up tattoo but didn't initially share that she was pregnant.

Artist @roxyblooms said that this client had messaged her asking to do a cover-up of her ex's name in her pelvic region. 

Roxy said that after discussing designs, she asked the woman when she wanted to have this done. 

"Well, I'm due to have my baby in December," the client said to Roxy. Roxy said that she paused and needed clarification from the woman.

The client was looking to have the name covered up before she had the baby. "If we can do it within the next few weeks, I should be fine, I'm still in my first trimester," she said. 

Roxy let her know that she can't do it while she's pregnant. "If you want to do that, you will have had to have given birth already and if you're breastfeeding, you'd have to wait until that's done," she said. 

The client got upset at Roxy, explaining how she'd done research and it says that it's "perfectly fine and the baby's not going to be harmed."

Roxy told her that she wasn't going to do it and risk her baby getting hurt because the area she'd be getting tattooed is right above the woman's uterus. 

The client said that if she doesn't do it, it will put her at risk because she was doing an at home birth. "My boyfriend's family is going to be there and they're all going to see my ex's name above my crotch and it's going to be your fault," she said. 

Commenters mentioned how you shouldn't get a significant other's name tattooed, their concerns for the woman's tattoo placement, and shared about themselves getting tattoos while pregnant.

"I mean, I got a tattoo when I was pregnant but I didn't know I was at the time... my periods were super irregular," one person said. Another person said, "Did she not see that there's an increased risk of infection after a tattoo in the best circumstances not to mention placement? not good for baby."

This client's priorities were all over the place, but Roxy had some exceptional advice to live by in her caption. She said, "please don't tattoo someone's name on your crotch thnx."