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How to Recognize a Toxic Tattoo Shop

Why wouldn't the shop or the artist make an announcement? Hmm...

Like many other workplaces, tattoo shops can have toxic work environments. Just like we have our favorite waitress or bartender, we also have our favorite tattoo artists.

Imagine going into get a tattoo and your favorite artist is gone and there's no explanation from anyone. This tattoo artists clues us in on what that means. 

Tattoo artist Cori Jin, or @gold_caviar, had to speak her truth about tattoo shop red flags, and one of them being when a group of artists leave a tattoo shop in a short time span from each other. 

"Nobody in their right mind would say, 'I'm going to go and support a hostile work environment," Cori said. She said that it is "tea" when neither the shop, nor the artist posts about the separation. 

She mentions how tattoo shops are really good at creating communities and that it is the tattoo artists who bring in the people who become the community. 

"I do think you owe it to the community you've built and the artist that you developed a relationship with to have a proper send off and explanation, especially when nobody did anything wrong," she said. 

She also noted that it is great when tattoo shops fire and call out a predator. "That way the tattoo community in the area knows not to hire that person and if they open a private studio, all the clientele in that area also know not to f*ck with them too," Cori said.

Commenters thanked Cori for speaking up on this occurrence that happens in the tattoo community.

"My last shop was so toxic that when I told my coworkers I was quitting, FIVE other artists also quit literally the next day 🙃," one person said.

So, do you agree that artists and tattoo shops should do a proper announcement for when artists move on?