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Artist Commits to Tattooing Pieces on Herself In Honor of Clients and Her Recent Work Is So Moving

What an incredible project.

Dealing with a loss is never an easy process. One day you're fine and another it may feel like you've just got the news.

This artist uses herself as a canvas to commemorate others and their heartfelt stories about loved ones they've lost, and this tattoo piece was no different.

TikToker @mybobrossussy decided to make this year less sucky by tattooing herself every day and finding inspiration in her every day life. 

That was short lived, as she found other people's stories to inspire her creative tattoo ideas. 

In this video, a commenter asked a request for @mybobrossussy to tattoo something for her daughter.

"I adore little hand prints, I lost my daughter to forced adoption. I love and miss her each and every day," the commenter said. 

@mybobrossussy wasted no time drawing up the design for the tattoo. She opted to doing a cute little hand print with a smaller handprint outlined in it. 

Commenters were moved by this loving act and some wanted to do something similar. "Is there a video of the list?? 🥺 I would love to do this to myself for others, so far my left arm is and has been for myself 😔," one person said. 

Another person said, "this is so beautiful. you have a beautiful heart❤️."

This was such a kind gesture for @mybobrossussy to do, and it is something that she continues  for other people who comment on her posts. 

She even has a notebook with every story and tattoo idea written down to keep track. This baby handprint is so precious, and shows how great she is for committing to these tattoos.