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Tattoo Artist Explains Why Your Skin May Have Scarred With Your Last Tattoo

Scarring and blow outs are common.

Tattoos are essentially a wound, which means that like any other wound, they have to heal. 

Unfortunately for some, the healing process for a tattoo can sometimes result in scarring. This tattoo artist explains why you may have scar tissue after getting a tattoo.

Tattoo artist @inkstantbeauty graciously answered a commenters question about how their last tattoo artist could have scarred their skin. 

"With any sort of tattoo, there is the risk of scarring and blow outs and stuff like that," she said. She listed that some of the reasons the commenter has scar tissue could be because their scab came off too soon, too early, or they picked at it.

"If it comes to the actual tattoo artist, it could have been that they ran their machine at too high of a voltage for the needle they were using," @inkstantbeauty said. "Therefore, the needle was slicing the skin or cutting the skin open."

The last reason she gave for why a tattoo may have scar tissue is if the tattoo artist went too deep. 

Other commenters had questions about the causes of scarring. "Are some people just more susceptible to scarring? I have a bunch of scarring on most of my tattoos the same thing happened when I switched artists," one person said. 

Another person shared an unlucky tattoo they got and how it didn't hold up. "My first tattoo I kept bleeding and bleeding. Two weeks later the color come out in the shower in drips. All I had was the outline. Not sure what he did," they said. 

If you have questions about whether or not your tattoo is healing correctly, don't be afraid to go see your tattoo artist to be sure.