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Woman Shares Massive Tattoo Removal Process on Her Leg

This is after nine sessions

Which is worse: getting your entire leg tattooed or getting all of your leg tattoos removed by laser?

This woman documented how much is done in one tattoo removal session. 

TikToker @ohioliz was super chill about going in for her ninth tattoo removal session. 

She first showed what her leg looked like before and showed herself with a big blue ice pack on her leg to help numb what's to come.

Liz showed before pictures of what her tattoos looked like and then showed the remover person working on that specific part of her leg. What looked like some type of wide open mouthed animal's skull was now a very faint outline of the same skull.

The close up video of the removal for her skull tattoo showed how her skin looked as it was being lasered, and it was kind of cringy.

At the end of the video, she showed what her leg looked like at the end of the session. In her caption, she called it a "jump scare," but it looked like a very bruised leg. Ouch.

Many commenters had some really good questions for what happens with the tattoo removal process.

"What's the end goal? all tatts or just select tatts," one person said. Another person said, "Serious question. Do they 100% go away or can you see the outline or anything?? I’ve been wanting to do this for years."

Someone wanted to know whether or not Liz wanted to keep a "clean slate" or planned to tattoo over the removed tattoo skin. She responded that she plans to tattoo over them.

We wonder how many sessions Liz plans to get before she's okay with the look. This process looked a little gruesome.