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Man Pops the Question to Girlfriend With Help From Local Tattoo Shop

He clearly takes “forever” seriously!

People have gotten names tattooed of their significant others, or have collected celebrity autographs on their backs but have you seen anyone get that much engaged by tattooing a marriage proposal? No? Me neither.

Let me introduce you to a guy who got tattooed at this tattoo shop @avinittattoo with his girlfriend and who popped the question not being on his knees, but on his back. Yes! Watch for yourself.

I mean if this isn't cute and crazy at the same time, then I don't know what is!

This is certainly a commitment forever! I can't tell if the tattoo shop just helped him design the stencil to pop the question or if he's actually about to get tattooed. Either way, this sure is a unique way to surprise your girlfriend. And it would make a fun tattoo with a great story behind it.

Love it! 

The stencil reads,

"Will you forever make my sandwiches?"

The reaction of his girlfriend is priceless! And to be fair, the tattoo shop did do a great job by making this happen without giving anything away, as they obviously were involved in setting this up.

Now I'd like to know if he's gonna proceed with this forever stencil and get this tattooed for real, as well as if she's gonna make him sandwiches until death will do them part. I guess only time can and will tell.

One TikToker commented,

"I feel like they will make it for the long haul. Humor is such a gift in a relationship."

That's true.