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Girl Tricks Dad Into Drawing Her Next Tattoo

This is the cutest prank ever.

Picture this: Your dad created a character in the 90s and started printing the drawings and images onto shirts. He stopped when you were born, but you find a box 25 years later with his shirts in them and fall in love. 

Now you get your dad unbeknownst to himself draw your next tattoo.

TikToker @monreefstudios gave her dad a single post-it note and asked him to draw one of his single line creatures. He wasted no time and got to work.

We see many turns, swirls, dots, and shapes, but to her, she had a vision for this one lined design. 

He hands it back not even knowing what she has up her sleeve. In the part 2 video, we're able to see how she touched up the image and her dad's reaction when she shows him. 

This trick seemed so fun and sentimental because now she can carry a piece of her dad with her everyday. 

Several commenters compared the creature to other familiar characters.

"IT LOOKS LIKE THE ICE AGE SLOTH! ITS SO CUTE," one person said, while another person said, "do i see the linkinpark logo in there?😳."

Whatever you may see, this was a cool way for a father and daughter to bond and cherish his designs. 

One commenter said, "That’s so sweet! Man I wish I had something my dad drew."

She got the tattoo placed on the back of her upper arm and her dad stared at it in disbelief. 

Now, his designs are on more than pieces of paper and t-shirts. How cute!