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This Woman Explains How She Finds the Right Placement for Her Tattoos and It’s Genius

Such a great hack!

If you're thinking about getting your first tattoo but aren't sure of the placement, you can try this hack by ordering temporary tattoos in the design or style you are interested in. You would then transfer them onto your skin in the location of your body where you'd imagine the tattoo to be. Pretty simple!

Or you can take some notes from tattoo enthusiast and TikToker @kileynotjenner who shares a trick she uses when it comes to tattoo placement, as you can see in her video.


Pretty cool idea!

If you have Snapchat and Pinterest - you're good to go. Well, it would also help if you're familiar with Snapchat, as you need to know how to make stickers. 

So, you'd basically save any image you like on Snapchat and cut it out as a sticker in the size you want your tattoo to be. Then you just place it on another picture you took of the location on your body, where the tattoo should go. 

That's it. 

Make sure you tell your tattoo artists, that this is for reference purposes only and that the tattoo design needs to be changed. So there is no confusion later on when it's time to get tattooed. 

The TikTok community also thought this is great and with 200 comments and 60.4K likes - this creator is certainly on to something. As one TikToker commented,

"That's so smart!! Definitely doing this next time." 

Another one suggested using the app called Ink Hunter that does exactly this and has a free version. 

I guess I have to try this for myself now too.