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Man Dying of Cancer Makes Tattoo Pilgrimage Around the World to Get Matching Tattoos With Strangers

What an amazing way to preserve your legacy.

I don't know if you have noticed but although tattoos are somewhat original, there might be a fair chance someone else had the exact same idea for a tattoo as you, and now you guys have matching tattoos, unknowingly. Especially if it's something common or popular. And then there are people who like to get matching tattoos on purpose with their besties.

But what about getting a matching tattoo with a stranger? Yup! I know sounds crazy but this man did exactly that, as tattoo artist Cierra Taylor (@cj_taylor122) shares in her video. And his reason is quite touching. 

Meet Don Caskey, who is fighting stage IV cancer. All he wants to do now is make human connections with strangers, 605 strangers to be exact

That's a lot of matching tattoos with people he doesn't even know. But it looks cool and it certainly is an interesting way of connecting with others. At least he didn't just end up with signatures from strangers, such as this guy who collects celebrity signatures on his back. 

This process sure is dedication and commitment, which Cierra was happy to be part of. However, she was shocked when Don told her that wherever he went and got tattooed, they would wipe the tattoo with alcohol. 

Ouch! I guess different countries - different rules?

People on TikTok also shared their thoughts and over 230K likes, as they took to the comments section.

One TikToker commented,

"I am #488. I met him this summer in Wisconsin."

How do I sign up? Like does he find the people or do they find him? And do they travel to meet him? I have so many questions. 

This dude is like an internet celebrity it seems. Pretty cool!