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These Tattoos Are Perfect For People Who Hate Everyone

Hi, it's me.

You ever just want to stay in your room and never talk to anyone...ever again? Yeah, same. 

Unfortunately, that's not completely possible, but this tattoo artist has some designs for those who strongly, strongly, strongly dislike other people.

Artist @dreamstated has a little something for everyone in their inventory of tattoo designs. Their disdain for everyone showed in their caption, which said, "hating ppl is a full time job that i don't take lightly."

These designs for those that hate everyone are very fitting. Charlie designed a tattoo of a raccoon with a cigarette, Monster energy drink, with the words "I do not want to be here."

They also create tattoo designs for people who never grew out of their emo phase, mentally ill lovers, and opposite best friends, to describe a few. 

One of Charlie's other designs that spoke to us is their anti social butterfly, which includes a butterfly holding a knife. We hope to never come across that butterfly.

The butterfly was a favorite of several people in the comments. "This is hilarious! I make music and I’m working on a project Im calling “unsocial butterfly” 😂 the last one fits my mood perfectly," one person said.

These designs allowed for so many people to feel seen and excited about getting something that represents them so perfectly. Another person said, "THESE ARE RIGHT UP MY ALLEY."

If you hate everyone, then get a tattoo that depicts just that. Hopefully, that does enough to dissuade people not to approach you.