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Man Hysterically Parodies What It’s Like to Get Tattooed In Your 20s vs. Your 30s vs Your 40s

Too accurate.

As we age, so does our body, which changes our reaction to things. When we were younger, we might have been able to bounce back from things quickly, but as we age it takes time to get back to it. 

This man parodies how a person's reactions to getting a tattoo changes in their 20s, 30s, and 40s. 

Tiktoker @sendmoreian accurately depicted how the older we get, the less we can tolerate, especially when it comes to tattoo pain.

Parodying an 18-year-old walking out of their tattoo session on the phone, he said, "just finished that six hour session,  it was so fucking easy and painless, man. I don't know what people are complaining about."

The character in their late 20s responded differently, even groaning as they got in their car to leave the session. "Yeah, I just got f*cked," he said. "Yeah, I can still meet up. I'll be on on my way in a minute."

Ian moved and positioned himself much slower when parodying the person in their 30s. This character didn't even try to call anyone on the phone. He simply threw his phone and pushed the seat back and said, "what the f*ck." 

Lastly, and perhaps the most accurate reaction to a tattoo included him throwing himself into the car as a person 40-years-old and up. 

Commenters revealed their issues with getting tattooed at the different ages. One person said, "It’s sitting in the same position for hours that’s the worst part when you’re 30+ not the needle pain 😅. Another person said, "I’m 38, I need 3-5 business days." 

Ian had certainly hit the nail on the head with these reactions. Maybe it's not a good idea to get your first tattoo in your 40s, but then again, you only live once.