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This Optical Illusion Tattoo Is Mind-Blowing

This takes a lot of dedication and perseverance on the artist’s part.

Some things make you look twice or thrice, but this man's tattoo will have you staring in amazement.

Watch how this tattoo artist combined several optical illusions into a single sleeve tattoo.

Vancouver tattoo artist @srysalexart has superb skills and patience to master this complex sleeve tattoo. 

We watched as they first shaved and prepped the client's back upper arm for the stencils.The first stencil was hexagons made up of smaller triangles. 

Another stencil was applied to the client's shoulder, making all of these pieces connect. 

By the end of the video, we saw that what looked like hexagons were actually 3-D cubes. Other patterns on the client's arm included swirls going around his elbow and blocks along his forearm, along with other geometric shapes. 

The thing that really played with your eyes is that the stencils looked one way, but the tattoo turned out looking completely different. 

The shading and line work on this were impeccable. We wonder how long this sleeve took for the artist to do. 

Commenters were amazed by how well this sleeve tattoo was done and praised the artist. 

"Man that is so much line work!," one person said. Another person said, I love the shading! very nice! 🥰."

The healing process seems like it would be intense having so much skin covered and tattooed at one time. A commenter made a good point about this.

"Oh man, when the itch sets in though! 😳😵‍💫🙏," they said. 

Give artist @crysalexart their props because this tattoo is completely mind blowing.