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Tattoo Artist Begs Clients to Stop Drinking Caffeine Before Their Appointment

And here’s why.

The day of your tattoo appointment, you may think to start your day like a regular day. You eat something fore breakfast and you decide to give yourself a little pep in your step by drinking coffee. 

This tattoo artist shared what all tattoo artists want their clients to know.

Tattoo artist @jamrosetattoos definitely set the record straight on what not to do before you come in for a tattoo appointment.

Jamrose poured milk into a caffeinated beverage with a message on the cup. As she poured the milk and stirred the drink, the message was plain and simple: don't drink caffeine before your tattoo.

Within the comments, she answered why you should avoid caffeine. "It’s a stimulant so it’s going to make it harder for you to relax. It also thins your blood so you’ll bleed more and retain less ink." she said. 

So many people live by coffee and have to have it to feel functional. Some of those people were in the comments.

"Not me showing up with coffee for myself and my artist every time 😂," one person said. Jamrose joked and responded, "Wellll I think if you buy the artist a coffee too then they cancel each other out? 😅."

Could you imagine you and your tattoo artist both jittery from the caffeine. Apparently, getting your tattoo artists a drink is common gesture before sessions. 

This person said, "Not me literally getting my tattoo artist and I energy drinks before we start bc he just woke up and I work night shift 😂."

One way to ensure you are alert for your tattoo session is to get enough sleep before you come in.