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Tattoo Artist Jokes About What Tattoos Ink Does to a Person's Body

Sorry mom and dad.

There are so many misconceptions and stereotypes about people who have tattoos. Thankfully, most of us know that tattoos are a form of expression and don't usually define a person. 

But, this tattoo artist joked about what tattoo ink does to a person's body and it's kind of funny.

Tattoo artist @tattoosbytyler_st certainly had us all intrigued about what tattoo ink can do to our body. 

We were expecting some crazy health scare or something that described how our bodies heal from tattooing. Instead, we were met with a humorous suggestion. 

In his video, he showed a tattoo ink cup up close with black ink in it and showed a tattoo needle dip into the ink. On the screen it said, "when you get tattooed, do you know what the ink does to your body?"

Tyler said that it's an amazing thing that defies scientific understanding. The anticipation for the answer started to build at this point. 

Finally, the text on the video said, "your parents become even more disappointed in you." 

Now, this is funny because so many parents get so butt hurt over their child getting tattoos. A lot of times they're worried about how their kid would be able to secure a job with tattoos all over their body. 

On the other hand, being the family disappointment or black sheep of the family, could be quite fun and interesting for that person. 

Several people within the comments could relate to this tattoo "disappointment" idea and shared how their parents reacted to their tattoos. 

"My mom went no contact with me for months after she saw it. It was the most peaceful time of my life," one person said. 

Another person said, "getting 2 new tattoos on Thursday. can’t wait to disappoint my dad even more."

Someone even had a happy story about their parents accepting their tattoos. "I got lucky with my mom tbh. When I started getting tattoos, she told me she felt like I was finally becoming myself. Love her," they said. 

Aww, we love supportive parents! FYI, you're not a disappointment for having tattoos. You're probably super cool with awesome forms of expression all over your body.