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Nope It's Not a Piercing - It's a Tattoo

Got ya fooled!

Some tattoo artists are so skilled, they can make tattoos look like they're something other than just a tattoo. Such as making them look like embroidery or glitter! And then there are artists, who can make tattoos look like actual piercings! That's right!

Such as the tattoo artist Tattooing Dad did on his client! Let's see what he got!

Got me fooled, for sure!

This nipple-piercing tattoo looks super realistic, due to it being 3-D.

Such a cool idea! It was probably less painful than the actual nipple piercing. 

The best part about this tattoo is that the client has the aesthetic of a piercing without the pain of getting the nipple pierced, changing it to a shorter barbell, and waiting 12 months until it's fully healed, with the hopes the body won't reject it. All while trying not to get stuck on things.

Smart move!

TattooTok was of course obsessed with this as well, and agreed that this is a great alternative to a nipple piercing, looking at the comments.

As TikToker @cat_astrophe_life mentioned,

"Tattoos heal so much better than piercings and they don’t accidentally get stuck on stuff. Smart."

Indeed, and yes, tattoos heal way faster than any piercing does.

And TikToker @sororitykill commented,

"Honestly probably hurt less than the actual piercing."

Way less. 

Another TikToker (@peachsphinx),

"No, because I’ve had mine pierced and rejected twice and this is a solution I did not think of."

I know! I feel the same way! But it's an option now!

Would you get your nipple tattooed instead of getting it pierced?