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Woman Serves As Living Proof That Tattoos Are Addictive

It all starts with one...

Have you ever wanted a quick snack and opened a bag of chips, telling yourself you'll only eat a handful. Next thing you know, the bag is almost gone. 

Yeah, being addicted to tattoos is kind of like that. This TikToker is proof that once you get can't stop.

"It's just one tattoo. I won't get anymore," @estellewiles said in her video. She stood there showing the before when there was not a single tattoo on her body.

The next photo she showed was that very first tattoo, which was a dragon wrapped around branches on her ribs

The addiction was evident, as the rest of the tattoos shown in her pictures increased gradually. Some of her tattoos include a snake wrapped around a trident on her chest, a skeleton hand on her belly, a spider web on her elbow, and even a spider on her arm, to name a few.

Commenters loved her tattoos and complimented how great she looked. 

"It just gets better and better," one person said. Another person said, "don't know about you but sometimes I forget i have them and it's a nice little surprise when I notice them 😅."

One of the cool thing about tattoos is the story behind why you have them. Maybe there isn't a story and it was the result of compulsivity. No one would ever know, but tattoos do inspire conversation.

Either way, you haven't looked back at your bare tattoo-less body and love what you see in the mirror. That makes it all worth it.