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Woman Shares Tattoo Healing Process for Sensitive Skin and It Looks Pretty Gnarly

She also noted that it looks a lot worse than it feels.

Our skin is the biggest organ we carry so we should treat it with care, especially after a piercing or a tattoo. Sometimes when the skin heals itself, it could look a little gnarly, such as after getting a white ink tattoo, although this is a rare case. But blackout tattoos certainly look crazy when they heal. 

TikTok creator and tattoo artist Dax from North Carolina shares the healing process of her new tattoo while having extremely sensitive skin. Let's check it out!

This looks gnarly! 

As you can see in her video, her bruise basically takes on every color of the rainbow, as the days of the week change and by day 6, it seems to be completely gone!

I also have sensitive skin but never experienced a lot of bruising, except when I got my eyelids tattooed, my eyes were pretty bruised. 

But apparently, it happens quite often, according to TikTok.

As TikToker @ratstract wrote,

"My inner arm bruised like this and it blew out like crazy so it looks like a permanent bruise below the tattoo."

I have a few blown outlines but no bruises, or maybe I just never noticed them. 

Another TikToker (@emily.kathrynm) commented,

"I bruise the same way when I get tattooed. Arnica gel has been a game-changer! I notice a reduction in my bruising within a couple of hours!"

Good to know!

And TikToker @elizabig8 said,

"I’ve never bruised before. This is so interesting!"

That's how I feel. 

Do you bruise after getting a tattoo?