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93-Year-Old Grandma Gets Tattoo for the First Time and Her Reaction Is Perfect

What a baddie!

Although you have to be at least 18 years old to get a tattoo in most states, or at least 17 years old with your parent present, you're never too old to get one. Even if you're a senior citizen, there is a first time for all of us. 

That's why TikTok creator Elise Norris - who is heavily tattooed - decided to take her 93-year-old grandma to get her first tattoo. Let's check it out!

I love this!

Elise took her granny and her mom to the tattoo shop, so granny has emotional support and if she needs to take breaks, she certainly can.

But granny took it like a champ! Especially since her new butterfly tattoo is on her foot, she didn't flinch a muscle! 

As the artist starts tattooing and Elise was like,

"You gonna keep a straight face like that?"

And the artist asked,

"How was that?"

Granny was surprised and confused at the same time that the tattoo process already started, as she didn't feel a thing and just said,


Elise then asked,

"Did you not even feel it?"

Granny just smiled.

Pretty impressive. Elise called her granny punk rock. 


I am still trying to convince my 75-year-old mom to get her first tattoo.

TikTok's heart melted with this as well.

As TikToker @fwlittlez wrote,

"Protect grandma at all times."


Another person (@sydschreiner) commented,

"I love this so much for her."

I do too! So rock n roll of her!

And TikToker @petarice posted,


I do too! 

This is a sign, you need to convince your mom or granny to join the world of tattoos.