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Tattoo Artist Shares What It Is Like Tattooing Gen-Z and It’s Too Good

It is fair to say that the new generation - known as Gen Z - basically runs the internet with their newly invented slang, the idea of wearing Y2K fashion as a Halloween costume, and their unrealistic idea of how much a complex tattoo costs.

However, let's talk about the new Gen Z lingo, as tattoo artist Victoria Varty (@swamp__witch__) shares in her video, what it's like tattooing Gen Z kids in 2022. 


Come again? 

If you were born before the year 2001, you probably need a translator as well. I wonder if this is how parents felt when kids from the '80s and '90s developed their own slang to be cool, they must have felt as confused as I am writing this. 

When I first started getting tattooed in 2005, tattoo shops and clients were still speaking the same lingo, and even slang was understandable. But it's clear that the tattoo artist is lost as well. 

Taking to the comments section didn't help much either, with one TikToker replying with,

"My 26-year-old sister talks like that but she is the middle child so it makes sense."

How does this make sense? 

Another one said,

"Sounds like me and my friends."

Great. It is official, I am old, and TikTok and the rest of the World Wide Web are overflowing with Gen Z-ers and their own internet lingo. 

A few other comments mentioned "Help," as well as shared the same confusion, so at least I am not alone with this. 

If anyone knows what this conversation is about, please drop me a line.