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Husband Surprises Wife With Simple Tattoo He Got of Their Daughter

Apparenty it was her idea.

Tattoos are special and have different meanings for everyone. For strangers, it just might be a weird tattoo, but for the person who has it - it means the world. And this can be a memorial tattoo of a deceased father, or something honoring a grandparent. Even a silly tattoo is totally accepted. 

TikTok family Hunter & Devin can certainly relate. Well, specifically Hunter, as he surprised his wife - Devin - with a new tattoo, their daughter inspired. Let's take a look!

How adorable is this?

If you were wondering what you were looking at, it's the outline of their daughter Ivy's face. Like how you would see a baby's side profile on an ultrasound.

It might just be a weird scribbled line for some people, but for Hunter and Devin, it's a reminder of their daughter! 

Such a cute idea. It's obvious that Devin - and Ivy - loved this sweet gesture as well, as Devin's reaction is always so pure. 

And you can tell, that Devin and Hunter just have a beautiful relationship by how genuine they are.

TikTok was also head over heels for this.

As TikToker @kay_rose015 commented,

"Crying over the sweetness of this family."

Agreed! They are just so pure, loving, and genuine.

Another person (@alex_in_wonderlandd) wrote,

"God she is just the sweetest."

So true. Both, mother and daughter. Actually all three of them.

And TikToker @stacirenee92 posted,

"She is the wife I aspire to be."

Me too!

At least he didn't get Devin's face on his face tattooed!