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TikToker Shares What She Thinks of You Based on Your Tattoos

She wants your number if you have black work tattoos.

Do you believe that the type of tattoo you have defines who you are? Tattoos often do tell stories and have meaning behind them, but we're not sure if you can figure a person out from their tattoos. 

This TikToker seems to believe that she can, and her thoughts on certain tattoos are interesting. 

"If you have black work tattoos, you're probably really hot, " @jmiko333 said. "You should call me or whatever." Yes, girl we love it. Shoot your shot!

Jmiko was really calling people out with the tattoo examples she had in her video, and she's kind of funny. 

Some of the tattoo examples she talked about included realism, anime, and rose tattoos, to name a few. 

"If you have realism tattoos you are very patient because these take forever," Jmiko said. "They're also really expensive, so you might have mooonnnneeyyyy."

We're sorry for all of those people who have flower tattoos, or specifically a rose, because she read you all for filth.

"If you have a rose tattoo, you're a little basic," she said. But at least you didn't get a compass." Yikes, what's wrong with a compass?

Commenters felt seen with her thoughts and also shared stories about the people they know with these tattoos. 

"As someone covered in blackwork, thank you 🤭," one person said. Another said, "“At least you don’t have a compass” me with a tattoo that’s a rose + a compass 🥲."

So, let us know if her opinions of you based on your tattoo choice were accurate. We hope she gets a few numbers, too!