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Here Are Some Great Ink Ideas for People Who Love the “Chrome” Aesthetic

With the right artist, these would shine.

Chrome is one of those metals that is very shiny and eye catching, so it only makes sense that some people would try to create that same effect for a tattoo. 

This tattoo designer released tattoo ideas for people who love the "chrome" aesthetic. 

Designer @artk.ab has an eye for tattoo designs that are fitting for people who like the unique looks that his audience identifies with, like small feminine and self-love designs. 

This time around the designs catered to those with an affinity for chrome. 

Their first tattoo idea included three intertwined hearts with the number seven in each of them. This would look cute on the ankle or even on someone's wrist. Of course, the sevens would have to be in red. 

Another chrome tattoo design was of a safety pin with a broken heart through the needle part. Can you imagine how cool the safety pin would look in chrome? 

Some of their other chrome tattoo ideas were of a double cherry keychain and butterfly wings.

Those that get it, get it, and made sure to compliment @artk.ab for these. "That 777 goes hard 😮‍💨," one person said. Another person said, "I have chrome tatts in my hand. Planning to get more ✨."

Being able to tattoo chrome tattoos sounds like a hard skill to master because chrome is a reflective metal, so the artist has to be able to make it look as real as possible with the shading and lighting of what's being reflected.

All of these tattoo designs are soo good and would be so vibrant in color with a chrome tattoo.