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There’s an Adorable Kid’s Tattoo Book For Inked Parents That Would Make a Great Stocking Stuffer

People with tattoos have family too!

Tattoos are so well accepted in society nowadays, you can even find teachers having sleeves or patchwork tattoos. However, if you work with smaller children, or even have kids of your own, you may be looking for a simpler solution to explaining your body art. 

Tattoo artist Yeti Tears (@tattooingartist) shares a great find about how to explain tattoos to small children. And it is so cute!

How adorable is this?

I don't even have kids and I want to own a copy! This book is called "My First Book of Tattoos (My Cool Family)" written by Robyn Walls and available on Amazon.

There is no sneak peek available, unfortunately, but I could imagine the book consisting of some sort of fun rhymes about tattoos appropriate for children. 

However, ParentTok seems obsessed, as the video received already 63.4K likes, and looking at the comments, tattooed parents and their kiddos are amazed.

One parent wrote,

"My son asks when his forever stickers are going to come in."

How cute!

Another TikToker wrote,

"As the designated tattooed auntie I just ordered this for my nephew."

I can agree with this statement as well, as I am also the designated tattooed auntie in my family. I guess I'll be the one taking my nephew to get his first tattoo at the age of 18. We shall see. 

Other mothers were iffy about purchasing a book without knowing the content first. Which I get somewhat but this book looks pretty innocent to me and is addressed to babies and children of age 3.