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Tattoo Artist Recalls the Time a Client Pooped in Their Chair

She left her underwear in the bathroom

As a tattoo artist, you have to deal with a lot of things sometimes. You may have to deal with rude clients with attitudes, impatient clients, late clients, or even your fellow colleagues.

The last thing you want to deal with is someone pooping in your chair. This tattoo artist did and lived to tell the story.

"I had a client poop in my chair," tattoo artist @jared said. "You know a nice little poop poop."

He said that smelled something and suggested an exit plan. "I was like 'okay love, we're going to take a little break. Get a snack, get a drink, do what you gotta do...go to the bathroom," he said. 

This probably saved his nostrils. Could you imagine being that close to someone and being able to tell that they used the bathroom on themselves?

His client did end up taking the break and went to the bathroom, but unfortunately left something behind.

"I went in the bathroom after I finished the tattoo, and there was her poopy underwear just sitting...on the trash can," Jared said. "She didn't bother to bury it."

Wow, so this client had no shame in her game the way she handled this accident. 

Commenters poked fun at how the client neglected to bury and hide her underwear and even sympathized with Jared.

"Most tattoo artists are literally the nicest people, I'd throw hands," one person said. Another person said, "AT LEAST BURY IT NEXT TIME😭."

Hopefully there won't be a next time. We're sure he would have rather stopped tattooing than to have had to smell them do one of their bodily functions in his chair.

Clients, please take the necessary breaks to make yourself and your tattoo artist comfortable in the tattoo process.