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Artist Comes to Staggering Realization as She Teaches Herself How to Tattoo

The artist to tattoo artist pipeline is real.

We all have those friends who we are counting on to make it, so that we can reap the benefits from their success. 

Well this artist realized that there is some pressure on her from her friends to be that person.

TikToker @alyssarditore is an aspiring tattoo artist who realized she's going to be the go to person for tattoos within her friend group.

"Maturing is realizing that my duty as the artistic friend is learning how to tattoo, so my besties get ink whenever they want," she said. 

In the video, we watched as Alyssa practiced tattooing on fake skin. She peeled stencils off of the skin and got to work tattooing cowboy hats, wine glasses, and even angels.

It's super important to realize your importance in your friend group. Alyssa is not just the artistic friend, but she will be the tattoo friend who makes their tattoo dreams come true. 

Alyssa even had some advice for people in her caption. She said, "this is your sign to do what makes you happy!!! (not tattooing on anyone unless i'm licensed literally everyone relax lol)."

When you're able to do what makes you happy, then working should be somewhat enjoyable. 

Many commenters were on the same journey as Alyssa with wanting to become tattoo artists. 

"Hey i’ve just started and i just want to know how you get the stencil to look so well?? i don’t have a stencil printer and i can’t find a cheap one :/," one person said. 

Another person asked, "just got my first kit, any tips on where to start?"

One commenter made a good point about having true friends. They said, "tru friends will pay u for your work too<3."

With whatever Alyssa's friend group decides to do with their lives, one can only hope that they stay connected and help each other out.