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Tattoo Artist Rips Into Tattooists Who Overcharge

There’s only two reasons people charge that much according to him.

One of the hardest things about getting a tattoo is knowing whether or not you're getting tattooed for a fair price.

Obviously, you want to pay your tattoo artists their worth, but you also don't want to be ripped off and that's exactly why this tattoo artist went on a rant about, tattoo artists that overcharge.

TikToker @nathangingerbreadmancox stitched a man's video who said that in a consult for a baseball size tattoo on his arm, he would be charged $1,000 and it would take four hours. 

This didn't sit well with Nathan who wanted to check the guy out for charging so much. "I kinda want to know the guy's name, I kinda want to see the guy's work," Nathan said. "A baseball sized tattoo should never cost anyone a thousand dollars."

Nathan said he doesn't get why people would overcharge. He said he wouldn't care if "Jesus Christ himself and learned how to tattoo," that's not something he'd pay.

He also said that there are only two reasons why a tattoo artist would over charge.

"If you live in a big city, like New York or Los Angeles, where the cost of living is f*cking sky high," he said. "Or, and this is the more likely situation, you're an egotistical piece of sh*t."

People within the comments listed other reasons they've seen tattoo artists over charge.

"There is a third option. Pricing so high they won't do it. Still that price is fucking insane," one person said. Another person said, "I’ve heard of artists overpricing to get out of doing work they don’t really want to do."

Don't be one of those tattoo artists who charges outrageous prices for no legit reason.