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Dirty Needle Sends Artist to Hospital Causing Them to Not Feel Their Legs After Shots

Please, don't try to catch needles before they fall

There are risks that come with getting tattoos, just as much as there are risks about tattooing people.

This tattoo artist shared a story about when a used needle poked her in her finger, causing her to have to go to the hospital.

"One of the risks of the job is that you can poke yourself with a dirty needle," tattoo artist @kyra.nako said. "Usually when that happens, it happens like mid tattoo, so you're doing your tattoo and 'oh no,' you hit your finger. Then you go through the entire process."

Kyra said she wished that was the way it happened, but it did not and she admitted to being clumsy and embarrassed. "I was cleaning up after the tattoo and my client was already gone and I dropped the needle," she said. 

Instead of letting it fall, Kyra caught it in her hand. "So, I caught it and it went right into my finger," she said. 

She realized that she was in pain, but was hopeful that it wasn't bleeding and was just a little nick. 

"That wasn't what happened," Kyra said, "I took off my glove and it was bleeding, and I was like now I have to go to the hospital." This would require her to get several shots and do lots of blood work.

The hospital also asked for her client's info to go through their chart and make sure she's clear for everything. As it turned out, Kyra wasn't up to date with her shots and needed to get them before she could leave.

Claiming that she doesn't do good with needles, Kyra explained how the nurses said they'd have to give her the shot in her leg and it would be a little painful. 

"She goes and she puts it in and it's like a burning, searing feeling in my leg and my leg after that immediately went numb from my hip way down to my foot, like gone," she said.

When the same thing didn't happen to the other leg, she alerted the nurse that she couldn't feel her leg and wanted to know what was going on and if maybe they had hit a nerve, but the nurse assured her everything was fine. 

"So, I sat there and after 15 minutes, I still couldn't feel my leg," she said. In part two of her video, Kyra revealed that the nurse did in fact pinch a nerve, but didn't tell her and she found out from a different nurse on a different occasion.

Commenters were tickled to find out that she was afraid of needles as a tattoo artist and also had answers for her care.

"As a nurse it sounds like she definitely hit a nerve and now I'm curious to see if her landmark was correct for a leg injection," one person said. Another person said, "My hubby is a tattoo artist also hates needles and I’m a phlebotomist 😅😬."

This sounds like a nightmare to have to deal with. Moral of the story is that it's way easier to mop and pick up needles once they hit the floor than to risk getting poked and sent to the hospital.