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Tattoo Artist Shares Her Insulting Encounter With Client About Her Mental Health and It’s Shocking

This can't be made up.

Tattoo artists experience a lot when dealing with clients, from the obvious red flags to the not-so-obvious surprises. 

Tattoo artist Adri experienced a rather personal and rude encounter with her client, regarding Adri's mental health. Let's find out what happened.

Wow! That's definitely not cool!

As Adri explains in her video, she was tattooing her client, and then suggested taking a quick water break, so she can take her meds. However, Adri made the mistake of taking her meds in front of her client, which made her client ask her what she just took and what these "meds" are for. Not only violated the client Adri's privacy but he also insinuated if Adri has mental health issues and if she was going to ruin the tattoo. 

Adri also mentioned that her client was young, and he legitimately thought Adri is going to act crazy while tattooing him. While this doesn't excuse his behavior, it explains it at least. He even asked her,

"What is wrong with you? Why do you take that?"

Which is clearly overstepping boundaries. Despite his behavior and hesitation, she still finished the tattoo and didn't let his immature behavior get to her.

TikTok seems to have mixed opinions, as TikToker @frochic commented, "Understandable question."

And continued by staying,

"I mean if you guys feel comfortable with someone putting permanent ink on your skin and taking drugs without you knowing what it is, then do that."

To which this TikToker (@prettysundown) replied,

"It is medication, not drugs and it's really not ok to ask what is it for, it's a personal matter."


Another tattoo artist (@kingharleen) chimed in and said,

"I’m a tattoo artist and a very similar thing happened to me too I’m so sorry. Next time just go with 'it’s birth control'." 

Where this is a good excuse, it seems like this particular type of guy would have started asking inappropriate kind of questions as well. 

And TikToker @yourgothbihh mentioned,

"This is why I go to the back of the shop and take them."

Makes sense.