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Tattoo Artist Shares Nonsense Conversations She's Had With Clients

The nerve of these people...

Tattoo artists come across some interesting people in their field of work. A lot of their job requires them to have conversations with people, and occasionally they get asked absurd requests.

This tattoo artist shared some of the nonsensical conversations she's had with clients her first year tattooing and we feel her pain.

"I want this exact tattoo and if you tattoo me, you better not show my idea to anyone else," @alternativeartistryaz's client said, showing her a picture of someone else's tattoo.

That's just one of the conversations she's had with clients. In another instance, her client asked if she'd be willing to use the same needle on the client and her boyfriend if she paid her an extra $10.

"You could pay me a million dollars and the answer would still be no," she said. First, what is $10 in the grand scheme of things?

Secondly, $10 isn't worth the risk of ignoring the blood pathogens training tattoo artists get to even tattoo on anyone.

@alternativeartistry has the gift of patience explaining things to clients that should be obvious. For example, being that she was sick she cancelled her appointments, but one client wanted to still come in if she wasn't sick with COVID-19.

"Unfortunately, no. I'm not feeling well and I'm not going to be able to give you my best work," she said. "Plus, I don't want to pass anything off to anyone else, so it's probably best if you rescheduled through my website."

The comment section was filled with people who also couldn't believe the nonsense that clients have said and asked @alternativeartistryaz.

"The needle one is wild," one person said, and another said, "sometimes i wonder if people who ask questions like this actually have a brain LOL."

@alternativeartistryaz's caption really described what it's like working as a tattoo artist and dealing with clients. It said, "It'a an interesting job to say the least."