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Tattoo Artist Parodies When Client Reaches Their Tattoo Limit

The jump was so dramatic

We all have a breaking point and that applies to getting tattooed. Some of these tattoos require you to sit for several hours at a time. 

This tattoo artist mocked how his clients act when they've had enough tattooing for the day. 

Tattoo artist @collietattoos was sitting there, doing what he does best: tattooing a client. 

He parodied what his clients would say about enduring tattoo pain for so long and the dramatics of the sound he used in his video are very funny.

"I don't want to be here anymore," the client said. "I'm frightened, I miss my mother."

This is the most truest statement ever. Sometimes when you've endured too much of something, you just need to scream and seek comfort from the most comforting person ever, your mom.

Crying for your mother may or may not be frowned upon in a tattoo shop, but we totally get why it might be done.

This loud outcry frightened Collie, as his tattoo machine nearly did a 360 degree flip out of his hand. Thankfully he caught it, but he continued to act as though he was trying to calm his client. 

Whew, what an experience and several commenters could definitely relate to this emotional moment.

"Me at the 5 hr mark with my knee," one person said. Another person said, "Hahahaha. This is why I can’t get large pieces😂."

Several people sympathized with the disturbance Collie would have had to deal with when a client screams like this. 

"The toss scared me 🤣😭 so glad you caught it 🤣🤣🤣," one person said. Another person said, "The PANIC when you threw the machine 😳."

To not scare your tattoo artist or have to cry for your mom, maybe break your tattoos up into shorter, more tolerable sessions