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Tattoo Artist’s Client Tries to Leave Child as Collateral… and That’s Just One Client Horror Story

Umm please don't do these things.

Have you ever spoke with someone and then realized shortly after engaging in conversation with them that the conversation probably shouldn't be happening...

Well, this tattoo artist shared some of the most bizarre conversations she's had with clients, and we can't help but laugh at the stupidity and naivety of the conversations tattoo artists have to have with some clients. 

Tattoo artist @peachmilk4juju clearly has a boat load of patience to help and deal with clients who don't realize their irrational requests and comments. 

In one example, Juju shared how a client attempted to pay for the tattoo with card, but the shop only accepted payment via cash, Cashapp, or Venmo.

"In that case, I'm going to have to grab cash. I will leave my child here as collateral," the client said. Juju pleaded for the client to please take her child with her. Omg, what?? 

Why would you leave your child alone at a tattoo shop, and no offense to the tattoo artists, but why would you trust the tattoo artists to watch your child until you return, if you return?

In another conversation, a client called and asked how much for a tattoo but left out all of the pertinent details about the tattoo.

"It depends on what the tattoo is," Jujus said asking for what exactly the client wanted tattooed. The client proceeded to tell her everything about the size and even how long it would take to tattoo it.

"It's just a small tattoo on my ankle," the client said. This back and forth continued until Juju asked for the client to come in for a consultation.

Commenters had the perfect responses to each of the conversations re-enacted in the video. 

One person said, "I always say “so you want the word small on your ankle?” And then they will actually tell you what they want." Another person said, "We have responded to “it’s just small” with “small price” when people call 😬🤷."

Now that one is very funny. S/o to Juju for remaining professional because some of these questions and conversations would have received very sarcastic responses.