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Tattoo Artist Shares Important Step All Women Should Take Before Going to a New Artist

This is heartbreakingly essential.

There are quite a few rules to follow when it comes to getting tattooed. Whether that is your first time or your 10th time, it is important to prepare yourself. If you already have an artist and are comfortable - you might skip this step, but if you like to try out different artists because they're all experts in certain styles you are interested in, you have to do your research. 

Tattoo artist Destiny (@theeveningaurora) made an important point, as she shares in her video. 

Who knew?

I guess, it makes sense to thoroughly search your artist, which includes checking for a criminal background regarding abuse towards women, especially sexual abuse. Charges are usually public record and if you have the first and last name of a tattoo artist, you can easily find out if that artist committed a sex crime and is on the sex offender list. 

This is important because many shops that hire tattoo artists - who are independent contractors - don't usually do a background check on them and are only concerned if they have a tattoo license. And depending on state requirements, a background check is not always required for getting a tattoo license.

According to other TikTokers, the majority agree and also say they rather get tattooed by a female tattoo artist or a queer one. Others mentioned that they had weird encounters with a male tattoo artist, or know of shops notorious for indecent behavior.

However, aside from a criminal background check, you also want to make sure the tattoo artist you're selecting doesn't have a drug habit, has a good reputation, and works clean.