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Apprentice’s First Month of Tattooing Goes Better Than Expected

It looks like she really nailed it.

Internships and apprenticeships are a great way to gain experience doing what it is that piques your interest, but there is one sacrifice that some internships and apprenticeships require. 

Time is money, and unfortunately for this tattoo apprentice, she's not making any just yet. 

TikToker @flickxthexbeans, who calls herself a baby tattooist, shared all the tattoos she did her first month tattooing on human skin and even how much they cost.

Designs range from flowers, butterflies, daggers, and even headstones. For all of the designs she did, she got paid not a single dollar or dime, but at least she did get a tip from one. So, that's not too bad.

In the caption, @flickxthexbeans said that she thinks her first month went better than expected and we'd have to agree! The skill and creativity is there!

She made sure to clarify what it means to be a tattoo apprentice within the comments. "I'm not allowed 2 take money 4 these, these awesome people took a chance n were kind enough 2 let me mark them permanently. Forever grateful for them🖤," she said.

One person felt that flickxthexbeans should be getting a little bit more than she did. "I'm amazed you didn't get more tips those are so nice dude!!!!!" a commenter said. 

She then responded, "I didn’t want to be tipped haha I had to beg some to put the money back in their own pocket haha. Thank you!"

We are glad that clients did see her talent and were gracious to offer at least a tip. 

Soon, you'll be able to get paid for your work as a tattoo artist. Until then, get all the practice and make lots of connections.