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Tattoo Apprentice Shares Their First Realism Tattoo

And it looks so real!

Realism tattoos are one of the coolest tattoos to get because of how accurate they are to whatever image they are depicting. 

Check out this tattoo apprentice's first realism tattoo. You cannot deny their talent.

It takes a lot of trust and respect for the tattooing craft to allow an apprentice to practice on you. So, it made sense that @vintageles thanked her client in the caption.

Leslie did her first realism tattoo and the talent is apparent because she totally killed it. 

From the placement of the stencil, you can obviously tell that it's a bee, but the detail is what really gets you once it's revealed. 

You can see each part of the bee's legs, the fuzziness of its back, and even the intricate parts of its wings. 

The way that it's shaded allows you to see the different colors of the bee's anatomy. The yellow is subtle, but the usage of white throughout the bee's hair and on the wings really brings this realism tattoo to life. 

This realism tattoo had several commenters ready to book the trip to Utah for experience her talents. 

"Ommgg its so good, making me want to travel to utah 😏," one person said. Others said things like, "looks like i’m taking a road trip😌," and "I've been looking to get a dragonfly down my back and am wanting a more realistic approach!! something like this would be amazing, where in utah?"

We're happy to see that Leslie's talents are getting noticed and she will be booked and busy. 

Have you gotten a realism tattoo? If so, what was it and how did it turn out?