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Watch This Artist Grade Her Apprentice’s Tattoo Homework

Yes, even tattoo artists start out with homework.

Some say on the job training is the best way to get the hang of the skills and tasks you'll be doing. Practice makes perfect for tattoo artists too, but when it comes to being a tattoo apprentice, sometimes homework is the best way. 

This tattoo artist walks us through how she grades her apprentice's tattoo sketch.


A simple sketch of stars, shapes, and Pokemon character, Pikachu, was scrutinized by TikToker @beautyinkstitute.

Beauty Inkstitute is an online tattoo academy where TikToker and founder Shay educates those interested in the tattoo profession.

In her video, she is seen zooming in very closely on the design and leaving notes, compliments, and suggestions. She used a green colored pen for compliments and red for suggestions and critiques.

She wrote, "too deep, too wobbly" and "Pikachu looks so cute" on her apprentice's homework. This type of attention to detail is very important, especially when it comes to bringing an image to life on someone's skin. Every little stroke is important. 

The commenters were also appreciative of Shay's feedback to her apprentice student's drawing. 

"I love how you compliment them, and not just tell them what they need to work on," one commenter said. Another curious commenter said, "Now I wanna know how my tattoo would be graded it’s on my own leg I think it looks good even if it’s not perfect."

Tattoos require so much skill beyond sketching There's outlining and shading, to name a few. Do you think you'd pass drawing your favorite character?