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Artist Breaks Down Biggest Mistakes of Healing a Tattoo

Aftercare is so important!

When it comes to getting a tattoo, not only does it matter how you prepare yourself for the tattoo session - physically and mentally - but also how you'll take care of your tattoo afterward, such as knowing how to remove Second Skin properly. Before your tattoo appointment, you want to make sure you didn't consume any alcohol 24 hours prior - as this can intensify the bleeding - you also want to make sure you got some good night's sleep, and ate something at least 4 hours before.

And when it comes to tattoo aftercare, tattoo artist @dermdudeofficial explains exactly the steps to follow. 


Makes sense, no?

Step #1 is to avoid direct sun exposure, which means no tanning. As he mentioned, after 3 - 4 weeks you can eventually apply sunscreen on your tattoo. Because at that point it should be fairly healed.

Step #2 is to completely avoid swimming in the pool, hot tub, and the ocean - yes even though it is saltwater, it is filled with bacteria. Which is bad for a fresh tattoo - duh!

Step #3 is to take a break from any heavy-duty physical activity, like the gym and heavy lifting.

And lastly, step #4. Which is aftercare. Depending on what your tattoo artist advised you to do and if you used Second Skin or not, there are many different tattoo balms you can use, such as the "Nuclear Balm" by the Derm Dude. Which is all-natural and free of petroleum jelly, such as Vaseline - which you want to stay away from. The same goes for scented lotions, while your tattoo is still healing. 

If you follow the aftercare instructions of your artist, your tattoo should heal without any complications.