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Artist Turns Accidental Tattoo Into a Super Useful One

After an artist accidentally pierced herself with a tattoo gun, she decided to make the best of it.

Tattoo artists make mistakes and have accidents, too. They obviously try not to because they create such permanent pieces of work.

But this tattoo artist accidentally pierced herself with a tattoo gun, and decided to turn it into something helpful.

"Ow, I just got my finger," tattoo artist @shae_tatts said. She sat in her chair with a tattoo gun in her hand and accidentally poked herself. 

She decided to continue with that and came up with a tattoo idea. "I'm going to put two more dots, and then I'll have inches on my finger," Shae said. "It's just going to be dots though on my finger. It's going to be kind of cute."

We watched as she took a ruler and pen and began to make more dots on her finger. 

Shae explained how she's going to use this new measuring tool tattoo so much and that she was actually nervous to tattoo her finger this time on purpose. "This is weird," she said.

Commenters made some valid comments about this new measuring tool she gave herself. "No guy will ever be able to lie to you again 😉! genius!" one person said. 

Other commenters did mention how helpful this actually will be and how common this accidental tattoo prick is. 

"I'm 100% sure, nearly EVERY tattoo artist has this spot," a person said and another said, "Okay but i’m a hairstylist and this is fking GENIUS and i think i want this now 😅."

Regardless of how it will get used, it will definitely come in handy for as long as it will last on her finger.